The best defence is a good offence. Join us in the fight to eradicate scrapie from Canada.

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Working in conjuction with Scrapie Canada has multiple industry wide benefits.

We’re dedicated to providing information to sheep and goat producers across Canada about scrapie and assoicated programs. Many other countries are already working to reduce the incidence of scrapie and eventually eradicate it from their flocks. In order to remain competitive and maintain market access, it is in Canada’s best interest to increase resistance to scrapie so that it does not become a trade barrier in the future.

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Feb 1

Small Ruminant Import Policy

Requirements for Small Ruminants Imported From the United States for Breeding, Domestic or Captive Purposes, Effective ...

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Jan 1

January 2013 Prevalence Study

Goat producers have until March 31st to submit samples for scrapie testing. January 1, 2013 – Guelph, ON – Sample collection ...

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Apr 6

Support for the CFIA’s Scrapie eradication measures

April 3, 2012, Guelph: Scrapie eradication is essential to the long-term sustainability of the Canadian sheep industry and as ...

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Oct 6

Some Interesting Points from the 2011 National Standards Review

October 2011 Scrapie Canada Update Once a year, Scrapie Canada’s working group convenes to review the National Standards of ...

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Scrapie Canada's Project Partners

Canadian Sheep Federation

Canadian Sheep Breeder’s Association

Agriculture and Agri-Food Canada

Canadian National Goat Federation

Canadian Food Inspection Agency