Scrapie Canada attends Canadian Sheep Federation 2009 AGM

Nov 24

This year, the Canadian Sheep Federation’s Annual General Meeting was held in Toronto, Ontario in conjunction with the Royal Agricultural Winter Fair (RAWF). Those attending the meeting got a chance to check out the RAWF on Tuesday, November 10, 2009- the same day a number of sheep events were taking place. The Market Lamb Show, the New Crop Milk Lamb Show and the Market Lamb Auction were all held on this day.

The Market Lamb Auction turned out to be an exciting event! With approximately 60 animals to choose from, buyers from across Canada eagerly put bids on market lambs sold by members of 4-H. Held annually, the Market Lamb Auction is an opportunity for buyers to show their support for 4-H and encourage young farmers to produce quality lamb.

The CSF also took part in supporting 4-H during the sale. CSF Board Members took it upon themselves to purchase one of the lambs being auctioned off, putting their own money into the bid. The lamb was then re-entered into the sale to be sold off for a second time to another interested buyer. All of the proceeds raised by CSF’s purchase was donated to 4-H.

Dwane Morvik, who was recently re-elected as Chairman of the CSF for a second term presented the sale lamb during the auction. “Since we were dinner guests of the Ontario Sheep Marketing Agency at this year’s buyer’s banquet, the move to buy a lamb and donate it back for resale lent itself to the spirit of the evening,” Morvik says. “It also showed producers that the CSF is there and involved in the industry.”

Donating the proceeds back to 4-H also showed that the CSF invests in young farmers. “The move to resell the lamb and donate the proceeds to 4-H is one that is worthy no matter what part of the country you are in,” says Morvik. “Many producers spent their early years in 4-H, myself included, and there aren’t many activities involving animals and young people that create positive experiences like those in 4-H.”

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