January 2013 Prevalence Study

Jan 1

Goat producers have until March 31st to submit samples for scrapie testing.

January 1, 2013 – Guelph, ON
 – Sample collection as part of the National TSE Eradication Plan’s goat scrapie prevalence study will end March 31st, 2013. Producers have until then to voluntarily submit samples for testing and help support scrapie eradication efforts in Canada.

The National TSE Eradication Plan is a joint industry project designed to establish the prevalence of scrapie in Canada and to develop a plan for eradicating the disease from Canada. Establishing the prevalence of scrapie is important to the continued growth and success of the national goat industry. Determining scrapie prevalence in goats separately from that in sheep could impact future disease control efforts and programs for goats.

Canada’s scrapie status impacts not only animal health and disease control measures, it also affects our ability to maintain current trading partners and gain new ones. Eradicating scrapie from Canada will allow the industry to harmonize with US disease control measures and help to remove trade barriers that already exist. A Canadian scrapie-free status will prevent the destruction and disposal of scrapie infected herds that financially impacts the goat industry and presents animal welfare concerns to the Canadian livestock sector and general public.

Canadian goat producers are being encouraged to voluntarily submit goat obex samples for scrapie testing. Samples will be tested by a scrapie accredited laboratory and results will be used to determine scrapie prevalence. Samples can be submitted to the University of Guelph’s animal Health Lab, Saskatchewan’s Prairie Diagnostic Services or Alberta Agriculture and Rural Development’s TSE Laboratory. The cost of the obex testing is covered by the project and reimbursements for sample submission are available for a limited time.

To learn more about how you can participate in the National TSE Eradication Plan, or for information on submitting obex samples for testing, contact Scrapie Canada at 866-534-1302 or visit our website: www.scrapiecanada.ca

Funding for the National TSE Eradication Plan is provided through Agriculture and Agri-Food Canada’s (AAFC) Agricultural Flexibility Fund, as part of Canada’s Economic Action Plan.


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